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When you are involved in the chain of egg producing, you know that there will be eggs that you can not use anymore in the food chain, namely clear eggs or infertile eggs.  Depending on where you are in this chain, you can have considerable volumes that have to go to waste. Waste costs money and harms our ecosystem.   Why not turn your clear and infertile eggs into something that saves you money and get involved in a sustainable solution in a circular economy?

At the VEOS Group (Valoroeuf & Valco), we don’t like waste. Therefor, we developed a unique technology to collect, extract, preserve and store the egg by-products, turning them into high qualitative natural egg powder for pet food.

Years of research and experience in the field of animal nutrition within our VEOS Group, allows us to guarantee that all our ingredients meet the strictest quality standards on the market worldwide.  By preserving the quality of the clear eggs, we can ensure our suppliers the best worry-free solution. This financially, minimum handling, maximum biosecurity, clean, transparent and without any chemicals. Day by day, we go the extra mile to encourage sustainable development on social, economic and ecological levels.


Clear Eggs - Infertile Eggs - Egg Powder for Petfood


Clear Eggs - Infertile Eggs - Egg Powder for Petfood

Tailored solutions

Clear Eggs - Infertile Eggs - Egg Powder for Petfood

Circular economy

Clear Eggs - Infertile Eggs - Egg Powder for Petfood


Clear Eggs - Infertile Eggs - Egg Powder for Petfood

Logistic service

Clear Eggs - Infertile Eggs - Egg Powder for Petfood

Bio security



NOV 13 – 16, 2018

Hannover, Germany

For the second year in a row, we exhibited EuroTier in November 2018. Both Actipro and Valoroeuf/Valco were represented at our booth. EuroTier is the perfect opportunity to catch up with customers and to meet new clients. This year, we met with over 32 different nationalities! We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth.

See you at EuroTier in 2020?!

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