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Our company

Valoroeuf was founded in 1993 in France with the sole purpose to valorize the by-products of the egg industry. By developing our unique technology to collect and process clear eggs and infertile eggs, we have the solution to valorize the raw material to a high qualitative product: egg powder for pet food. Recently we have expanded in our business in Poland with the company Valco. As a part of the VEOS Group, we are a reliable partner.

Our products

We offer the basis for excellent and high-quality egg powder for pet food, with ranges of specific ingredients for each category. All the ingredients contain nutrients to suit your animals’ nutrional needs. They are the result of years of research and experience in the field of animal nutrition. All whole egg powder meets the strictest quality standards on the market and provide the nutrients required to complement your animals’ daily feed.

Why partner with us

Our company is constantly growing and evolving through time and in line with its needs. This is why we pay particular attention to sustainability and not only the sustainability of our products. We do our utmost every day to encourage sustainable development on social, economic and ecological levels. With our principles of sustainability and social responsibility, we encourage our teams on a daily basis to commit themselves at all levels. That way, we can create a company that is in harmony with the passing of time and the evolving market.

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